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Do-It-Yourself large chip repair

One of the hardest damages to fix and color are large chips and gouges in fiberglass. It requires professional skills and special equipment to fix these.

But with MagicEzy products, you don’t need training or special tutorial video to gain skills as well as expensive tools and equipment to do large chip repairs in fiberglass as well as in plastic and aluminum. 

MagicEzy uses the latest nanotechnology to provide you with unbeatable adhesion and strength in a one-part ready to use formulation to fix deep chips and gouges. Here’s how you can do it. 

Step-by-step guide in doing large chip repair

These steps in repairing large chips and gouges can help you save money and time. These are also steps that can help you achieve professional-looking repair. 

Before doing any repair, clean the area first with water and dishwashing solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Then once cleaned, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

For plastic and composite surfaces, prime the area with MagicEzy Mega Fusion. With its powerful absorption and adhesion properties, MagicEzy Mega Fusion will provide an ultra-strong base for the repair. Allow 4 hours for the MagicEzy Mega Fusion to set and harden.

Step 2

Squirt a quarter-inch or 6 mm layer of Magicezy 9 Second Chip Fix into the cavity. For deeper cavities, several layers can be applied until fill. Allow 2 hours drying time in between each layer.

Step 3

Use the leveling end of the tube to help apply the Magicezy 9 Second Chip Fix. 

For inverted areas, a hairdryer can be used to dry the Magicezy 9 Second Chip Fix rapidly and prevent slumping that may occur as a result of gravity.


Step 4

Once the main cavity is filled, apply a final layer of Magicezy 9 Second Chip Fix. Allow 24 hours for the Magicezy 9 Second Chip Fix to harden. 

Step 5

In order to achieve the best possible finish, it may be necessary to sand the area with very fine grit paper.

Step 6

To achieve a professional gloss finish, apply a coat of Magicezy Hairline Fix. Using the levelling device to smooth the product. Allow another 24 hours for Magicezy Hairline Fix to fully harden. 

Step 7

And finally, to bring back the shine, give the area a polish using regular car polish.

And there you have it, a professional-looking large chip repair that you can do yourself.

The MagicEzy Mega Fusion, Hairline Fix and the 9 Second Chip Fix are all available on Amazon. Order your large chip repair kit today.