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MagicEzy Tile Fix

MagicEzy Tile Fix is a revolutionary nano-sealant which structurally repairs cracks and chips in one application.

We recommend you purchase the ‘Starter Kit’ if your tiles are anything other than straight black or white. The starter kit includes four base colors which allows you to easily blend the colors to create a perfect match for your specific tiles.

  • Structural grade adhesion – super STRONG and DURABLE
  • Easy to color-match ‘Starter Kit’ available with helpful instructions.
  • Flexes to prevent cracks from spreading further.
  • Pre-tinted in popular household colors which can be easily blended to match virtually any color.
  • Use on chipped ceramics, stone, laminate, wood, kitchen appliances & more.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Easy to apply. A hairdryer and toothpick is all that is required!

Tile Fix is a tough, colored sealant which allows you to quickly and easily repair ceramic tiles, benchtops, laminate, home appliances and even timber chips. It fills and colors, is long-lasting and easy to apply. With our selection of intuitive household-specific colors, you can now easily color match as a pro – in seconds!

MagicEzy’s revolutionary nano-technology and unique formula penetrates deep into the cells of the damage for ultra tough grip and impressive durability. This same technology gives strength yet allows for the repair to flex and move, while maintaining durability. No need to mix smelly and dangerous solvents! Tile Fix is perfect for ceramics, stone benchtops or vanities, laminate, wood and many more surfaces. Tile Fix will become your home’s new best friend!

To fill drill holes or deeper chips, first use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix, then color with Tile Fix. Our 9 Second Chip Fix is totally compatible with Tile Fix and is super strong for structural durability.


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Tile Fix Starter Kit

Tile Fix Starter Kit Colours

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MagicEzy Tile Fix Starter Kit Application

MagicEzy Tile Fix Starter Kit application

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Tile Fix Starter Kit Colours

Tile Fix Starter Kit Colours

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Before & After MagicEzy Tile Fix

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Color Chart

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MagicEzy Tile Fix – Back view of packaging

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MagicEzy Tile Fix Packaging – Side View

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