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12th February, 2020

Boat owners can now rest easy knowing that any do it yourself, fiberglass and gelcoat surface repairs they perform will last, thanks to a new Lifetime Durability Guarantee announced by surface repair product manufacturer, MagicEzy, makers of 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix.

In the past, MagicEzy products offered a 3 year durability guarantee so if repairs cracked, disintegrated or fell out in that period of time, boat owners could simply return the tube for a full refund.  Now – thanks to further testing by MagicEzy chemists,  the company is now offering a lifetime durability guarantee.

“When we invented the formula back in 2012, our chemists told us that it was so robust, it would last for at least 7 years. Now, we have further improved the durability of the formula so much we can confidently offer a lifetime guarantee,” said MagicEzy CEO, Warwick Lindsay.

“We don’t know of any other gelcoat repair product that offers this level of guarantee.”  

MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is an all-in-one, colored, epoxy repair filler that enables boat owners to repair gouges and deep chips in fiberglass and gelcoat, fast, in one application. There’s no need to mix multipart solutions or add colorant.

Its sister product, MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a thinner product with a high gloss finish that is ideally suited to repair hairline and stress cracks.  It can also be used as a glossy, colored top coat to 9 Second Chip Fix repairs.

Both products are available in 10 popular colors.

Since launching in 2013, MagicEzy has won numerous industry awards and is now being sold in over 50 countries.

MagicEzy’s revolutionary nanotechnology doesn’t just apply to the home improvement market.  The company has also adapted its revolutionary technology to suit the home improvement and auto markets with the release of Tile Repairezy, Stone Repairezy, Bath and Sink Repairezy, Appliance Repairezy, Auto Scratch Repairezy, Glasses Repairezy, and Wood Floor Scratch Repairezy.

For a list of MagicEzy stockists or to become a distributor visit www.MagicEzy.com

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