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Mega Fusion

Used to prime plastic and aluminum before an application of MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix.

  • Use on plastic and aluminium surfaces.
  • Ultra strong adhesion.
  • Water clean-up
  • Can be used on most plastics.
  • Easy to apply. No tools required.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Suitable for above the waterline use.

MSRP $24.99



Use as part of an easy two-step process to repair scrapes, chips and gouges in plastic and aluminium surfaces. Eg. plastic guards, covers, fairings, aluminium painted boat hulls.

First, prime the surface with a thin layer of Mega Fusion and allow to dry. Then apply a top coat of either 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix or both (depending on the type of damage or amount of gloss required).

Can also be used as a powerful adhesive. Eg. to bond two pieces of plastic together.

Watch video demonstration:

MagicEzy was nominated for the 2015 DAME Design Award at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) Amsterdam. DAME is one of the most highly regarded international design competitions for new marine equipment and accessories. Read more about DAME

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MagicEzy Durability Guarantee


We do not know of any competing brands that are willing to guarantee durability… (especially DIY brands, where results can vary from user to user). Here at MagicEzy however, we guarantee that MagicEzy Mega Fusion will provide a strong, long-lasting repair for at least 3 years or your money back. This is all possible due to the advanced technology used in the production process.

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satisfaction-guaranteeResults Guaranteed

Try MagicEzy today and if you are not completely satisfied, simply return it to us (with the receipt) within 60 days and we’ll provide a full refund or replacement.



12.9mL / 0.43 fl OZ resealable tube (6 month shelf life once opened)

Used to prime plastic and aluminum before an application of MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix.

  • Plastic boats, PWCS, canoes, kayaks, dinghies
  • Plastic guards, fairings, casings and covers
  • Aluminum boats, cars, appliances

Primed in two hours at at 70°F/ 20°C.

If used to bond, allow 24 hours to harden.

  • Store in a cool place below 50°F / 10°C. (A refrigerator is best.)
  1. If using on shiny plastic, rub with an abrasive pad until dull.
  2. Clean area with soapy water, rinse and allow to completely dry.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Mega Fusion into the damage.
  4. Turn the tube around 180 degrees and smooth over the repair with LEVEL.
  5. Use a tissue to remove any excess Mega Fusion
  6. If used as a primer, allow 2 hours (at 70°F/ 20°C) before applying a top coat of either 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix.
  7. If used to bond, allow 24 hours cure time.

Cure time:

Primed in two hours at at 70°F/ 20°C.

If used to bond, allow 24 hours to harden.


  • Dries to a matte finish. If a glossy finish is required, apply a top, finishing coat of MagicEzy Hairline Fix or Chip Fix.
  • If the temperature is above 70°F /  20°C allow the Mega Fusion 2 hours to dry before applying Hairline or Chip Fix. The 2 hours is essential to allow Mega Fusion’s industrial strength to penetrate into the surface below.
  • If the temperature is expected to drop below 20°C / 70°F within the first 24 hours, blow dry the repair with a warm hairdryer for about 2 minutes after each coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MagicEzy repairs long-lasting?
Yes. MagicEzy products are designed to withstand the elements for years. The unique combination of ultra strong adhesion, flexibility and UV protection make our products supremely durable. In fact, we tested it against the leading gelcoat brands and MagicEzy was more than 5 times stronger. This is why we guarantee that MagicEzy MegaFusion repairs will last for at least 3 years.
What is the shelf life after opening?
MagicEzy MegaFusion can be stored and reused time and time again so long as it is kept in a cool area away from direct sunlight. The refrigerator is best. If possible squeeze out any air before closing the lid.
What is the Catalyst?
MagicEzy is air dry.
What is the largest damage that I could repair?
There is no largest size. All sizes are repairable and guaranteed. Larger damage may need a larger spatula to apply.
How should I clean/prepare my boat before a repair?

A few drops of Kitchen Dishwashing detergent in a cup of water is all you need. If the chip looks dirty or black use a paint or nail brush to agitate inside the chi – then rinse out the hole with fresh water and allow to dry.

Why not clean with Acetone?

Acetone removes grease very well but has difficulty cleaning dust and grime. It is also expensive and the fumes are smelly/dangerous.

However, “dishwashing detergent” is inexpensive and has safe and effective cleaning properties.

What are MagicEzy products made of?

MagicEzy uses ‘nano’ and ‘near-nano’ technologies. In layman’s terms this means super fine molecules that slowly penetrate the surface over time to provide a very strong bond. The benefits are:

  • Exceptional strength – The repairs are Guaranteed for 3 years (unique for a DIY product)
  • Flexibility – To absorb stress and movement that can cause more damage
Why must I prime for plastics and aluminium?

Both plastic and aluminium surfaces are difficult to adhere to – ie you have possibly seen car bumpers with paint peeling? This is because it is such a difficult surface to adhere to.Aluminium is equally as difficult.

MagicEzy MegaFusion is a super industrial strength primer – strong enough to bond so you can still fix Aluminum or Plastic.

After application allow at least two hours to chemically bond before applying MagicEzy’s 9 Second Chip Fix or Hairline Fix over the top.

Can MagicEzy be used for repairs under water?

Due to some environmental laws in certain parts of the world, our products are not recommended for areas permanently below the water.



Is there enough product in the tube to do all repairs?

In short – A little goes a long way and you will be surprised just how much you can repair with one tube. There are many variables which can influence how much you will need, but generally, one tube of 9 Second Chip Fix will repair 15-20 5mm (diameter) x 3mm (deep) chips. One tube of Hairline Fix will repair 15-20 6 inch long stress cracks.



satisfaction-guarantee-150x150MagicEzy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not delighted with the results of MagicEzy Mega Fusion, or are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, simply return it to us (with the receipt) within 60 days and we’ll provide a full refund or replacement.

How to contact us

If you would like to know more about our guarantees or would like to get in touch, please contact us now using the methods below. Alternatively you can write to us or submit an online enquiry via our Contact Us page.

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