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Revolutionary nano-sealant fixes hairline cracks and gelcoat crazing in one application.

Talk to any boat repair professional and they’ll tell you the gelcoat crazing and stress cracks are difficult to fix at a structural level.

To solve these problems, MagicEzy has developed a patent-pending all-in-one structural grade nano-binder and sealant that bonds, seals and colors hairline damage in one application without the need to perform any pre-repair sanding or grinding.

Unlike conventional sealants, MagicEzy Hairline Fix has structural grade adhesion which enables it to fuse both sides of the crack together so strongly it’s like the surfaces have been welded together.

The low viscosity (thin) solution also enables it to penetrate deeply throughout the entire hairline crack and not only seal it, but also strongly bond the surfaces together.

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is available in 11 popular boat colors and comes in a pocket-sized .45 floz/12.9ml tube which makes it easy to perform repairs with pinpoint accuracy.

MagicEzy products also include 9 Second Chip Fix which is available in multiple colors. For further information please visit the website www.magicezy.com