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Tile repairezy

Fill & Color ceramic and porcelain tile damage fast

… with Magicezy tile repairezy

*Available in USA

  • SUPER STRONG AND DURABLE, COLORED PORCELAIN TILE REPAIR FILLER;. powered by revolutionary nano-technology for long-lasting repairs; 3 year durability guarantee
  • EASY REPAIRS; all you need is a hairdryer and a toothpick; Do DIY repairs in seconds
  • MIX AND MATCH TILE COLORS; Match virtually any color porcelain tile with one of our repair kits
  • USE IT ON MOST SURFACES; all porcelain and ceramic tiles, bath tubs, sinks; plus fridge, stove and appliance scratch repair
  • GLOSS FINISH: Or for matte surfaces you can easily adjust gloss levels


$45.99 USD – neutrals Kit (Includes 4 colors)
$19.97 – Single Tube (Individual color)


MagicEzy Tile repairezy

Doing tile repairs to damaged surfaces is now easy.

MagicEzy Tile Repairezy is a revolutionary, glossy nanotechnology crack filler, adhesive and sealant which repairs fine cracks and chips in floor and wall tiles … in one application.

It allows you to easily repair ceramic or porcelain tiles, countertops and worktops, travertine, stone, laminate, home appliances and even chips in wooden surfaces.

MagicEzy’s revolutionary nano-technology and unique formula that penetrates deep into the cells of the damage for ultra tough grip and durability – guaranteed.

Tile Repairezy is perfect for ceramics, stone benchtops or vanities, laminate, wood and many more surfaces.

MagicEzy Tile Repairezy is available in clear, white, metallic white, honey beige, red beige, chocolate, black, blue, yellow, gold, burgundy and red. Or – to mix and match colors try the Tile Repairezy Kit which features multiple colors that are easy to mick and match affordably.

To fill drill holes or deeper chips, first use MagicEzy Tile Repairezy Deep Chip Filler then color with Tile Repair.


  • High gloss finish
  • Suitable for vertical surfaces
  • Suitable for food preparation areas and wet areas
  • Water soluble and non-toxic
  • Available in 12 individual colors or 6 mix-n-match Tile Repair Kits
  • Super, long-lasting repairs – guaranteed for 3 years
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee

use it on tiles, countertops, vanities, tubs or appliances

Laminate and/or Stone Work-Tops

Chipped Appliances

Chipped & Cracked Tiles

For additional colors please see Hairline Fix, which is fully compatible with Tile Repairezy.


“As a Maintenance Officer at Resorts, I am always looking for products that offer quick easy solutions to hide small accidents that occur. MagicEzy Tile Fix & Grout Fix gives me that option and the added Guarantee of reliability, means I can trust that it will last” – Daniel B. Australia

MagicEzy Durability Guarantee



We do 3-year-guarantee-150x150not know of any competing brands that are willing to guarantee durability… (especially DIY brands, where results can vary from user to user). Here at MagicEzy however, we guarantee that MagicEzy will provide a strong, long-lasting repair for at least 3 years or your money back. This is all possible due to the advanced technology used in the production process.

Repair Tiles & Stone Benchtops

If your ceramic tiles, stone benchtops or vanity tops are chipped or cracked, here’s an easy way to fix them fast… without replacing them. Introducing two amazing products that can quickly and easily repair damage to ceramics, granite, stone and numerous other...


MagicEzy Tile Fix is a revolutionary nano-sealant which structurally repairs cracks & chips in one application.
Available in multi-color Starter Kit and popular individual colors.Dries to a gloss finish. For deep damage we recommend filling the chip or crack with MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix before applying a top coat of Tile Fix
  • Chipped & cracked tiles
  • Stone and laminate bench tops
  • Damaged appliances
  • Showers, baths, basins & vanities
  • Timber flooring
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Chipped doorframes

*For plastic or aluminum surfaces, prepare the surface using MagicEzy Mega Fusion first.

At 70ºF / 20º C (In cooler conditions, allow more time):

Re-coat after 2 hours. Avoid any contact for 48 hours after application. Avoid getting wet for 14 days (If necessary, cover area with a temporary shield. Eg. sticky tape ).

MagicEzy will continue to strengthen and harden over the next 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Store in a cool place below 50°F / 10°C. (A refrigerator is best.)


1. Using a needle scrape to remove surface dirt out of chips/cracks.
2. Scrub damage using a nail brush plus 2 drops of dish-washing detergent in a cup of water, then water rinse.
3. Shake the tube FAST for 2 minutes to mix.
4. Ensure repair area is as cool as body temperature.
5. Apply one drop to cracks or enough to fill the chip.
6. Tum tube 180 degrees to the ‘LEVEL’ Spatula.

7. Rapidly wipe the TILE FIX 10 times with LEVEL into the crack. This thins and pushes TILE FIX inside the damage.
8. When tacky, clean the “LEVEL” with a tissue, then wipe away smears.
9. Repeat step 7 until all smears are deaned.

7. Wipe once with LEVEL spatula.
8. Clean LEVELwith tissue and wipe off remaining smears from repair.
9. Repeat until all smears are removed.

DRY repair with Hairdryer for 2 minutes. Repair is touch dry in two hours. Deep damage may require up to 4 coats. Full strength is ACHIEVED 2 weeks.

Cure time:

At 70ºF / 20º C (In cooler conditions, allow more time):

  • Re-coat after 2 hours
  • Avoid any contact for 48 hours after application
  • Avoid getting wet for 14 days (If necessary, cover area with a temporary shield. Eg. sticky tape )
  • MagicEzy will continue to strengthen and harden over the next 2-4 weeks.


  • WET AREAS. After 2 hours cover the repair with sticky tape. Keep sealed for 2 weeks until full strength is achieved.
  • MATTE or GLOSS. Tile Fix dries to a gloss. To make it MATTE after “Hairdryer stage” tap repair with a glove using feather touch pressure until it looks MATTE.
  • Fill Drill holes or Large chips with MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix first – then color with Tile Fix.
  • After use store Tile Fix in a cool area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MagicEzy repairs long-lasting?
Yes. MagicEzy products are designed to withstand the elements for years. The unique combination of ultra strong adhesion, flexibility and UV protection make our products supremely durable. In fact, we tested it against the leading gelcoat brands and MagicEzy was more than 5 times stronger. This is why we guarantee that MagicEzy repairs will last for at least 3 years.
What is the shelf life after opening?/Can I re-use the product?
MagicEzy can be stored and reused time and time again so long as it is kept in a cool area away from direct sunlight. The refrigerator is best. If possible squeeze out any air before closing the lid.
What is the Catalyst?
MagicEzy is air dry.
What color chip filler should I use underneath my Tile Fix Repair on my beige tiles?
We recommend for beige tiles to fill with MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix in Cream color.

If the chip is more than 1/4 inch or 6mm you will need two applications of 9 Second Chip Fix allowing two hours for each coat to dry, then apply the Tile Fix color as the top coat.

What is the largest damage that I could repair?
To repair drill holes or deeper chips we recommend you first use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix, then color the repair with Tile Fix.

Therefore there is is no largest size that you could repair. All sizes are repairable and guaranteed. Larger damage will simply need to be filled with 9 Second Chip Fix and may need a larger spatula to apply. Then simply color match your repair with MagicEzy Tile Fix.

Can you tell me which color to use?
Due to the variety of colors in the world, it is virtually impossible to give an accurate color recommendation – which is why we have created our Starter Kit which allows you to match to almost any tile color yourself, at home. The colors included in the Starter Kit are black, white, and two different beige’s.

All TileFix Colors can be mixed together to form a new color. Mix in the provided zip lock back (or on clear plastic wrap) on top of the surface and match to the color of your tile or damaged surface.

Color Matching Instructions:
Light Grey: to White mix a toothpick tip of Black
Dark Grey: to Black mix a toothpick tip of White
A lighter Beige: mix White and Light Beige together
A darker Beige: mix Tile Fix Chocolate Brown (optional color not in the starter kit) to a Beige or White

– Black and Brown are stronger colors than white/beige’s therefore only add with a toothpick to avoid over coloring.
– Hairline Fix colors can be added to Tile Fix as these products are fully compatible (if you require additional colors)

What are MagicEzy products made of?
MagicEzy uses ‘nano’ and ‘near-nano’ technologies. In simple terms this means super fine molecules that slowly penetrate the surface over time to provide a very strong bond. The benefits are:

  • Exceptional strength – The repairs are Guaranteed for 3 years (unique for a DIY product)
  • Flexibility – To absorb stress and movement that can cause more damage
Is Tile Fix Glossy?
Yes, Tile Fix dries to a gloss finish.

If you would like your repair to dry with a matte finish, simply wait until after the hairdryer stage of application, then tap the repair with a glove using feather-touch pressure until it looks matte.

What happens if I accidentally get some of the product on my unbroken tiles?
Simply wipe away the product when wet, or if it has been left to dry – carefully shave smears with a single edge razor
Do I need to prepare the surface before the repair?
Yes, the area requires cleaning with dish-washing detergent and water before application otherwise we cannot guarantee the durability of the repair. We designed Tile Fix to last a very long time, however if the surface is not clean before the repair the Tile Fix cannot adhere properly.

We understand that dirt falls inside chips and cracks in your tiles, this is why we recommend scraping out a crack with a pin to loosen the dirt. Scrub the area with kitchen dish-washing detergent and water with a brush to agitate the dirt. To finish, rinse the crack with fresh water and allow to dry.

MagicEzy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not delighted with the results of MagicEzy Tile Fix, or are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, simply return it to us (with the receipt) within 60 days and we’ll provide a full refund or replacement.

How to contact us

If you would like to know more about our guarantees or would like to get in touch, please contact us now using the methods below. Alternatively you can write to us or submit an online inquiry via our Contact Us page.

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