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May 16, 2017


A revolutionary filler which structurally repairs tile cracks & chips in one application

KUNDA PARK, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – New MagicEzy Tile Fix is a tough, colored filler which allows you to quickly and easily repair ceramic tiles, benchtops, laminate, home appliances and even timber skirting and doorframe chips. It fills and colors, is long-lasting and easy to apply. With our selection of intuitive household-specific colors, you can now easily color match as a pro – in seconds!

• Structural grade adhesion – super STRONG and DURABLE
• Easy to color-match ‘Starter Kit’ available with helpful instructions.
• Flexes when cracks widen
• Thins when shaken to slide inside tight cracks to bond and color
• Pre-tinted in popular household colors which can be easily blended to match virtually any color.
• Use on chipped ceramics, stone, laminate, wood, kitchen appliances & more.
• Money-back satisfaction guarantee.
• Easy to apply. A hairdryer and toothpick is all that is required!

No need to mix smelly and dangerous solvents! Tile Fix is perfect for ceramics, stone benchtops or vanities, laminate, wood and many more surfaces. Tile Fix will become your home’s new best friend!
To fill drill holes or deeper chips, first use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix, then color with Tile Fix. Our 9 Second Chip Fix is totally compatible with Tile Fix and is super strong for structural durability.
MagicEzy’s revolutionary nano-technology and unique formula penetrates deep into the cells of the damage for ultra tough grip and impressive durability. This same technology gives strength yet allows for the repair to flex and move, while maintaining durability

Magiezy’s innovative range of DIY products first came to market in 2012. Created in the Australian production facility, MagiecEzy is now distributed to boat and home owners around the world.
MagicEzy Tile Fix is available in five popular colors, however we recommend the Starter Kit as you are able to create hundreds of colors and match to many more items in your home. We recommend you purchase the ‘Starter Kit’ if your tiles are anything other than straight black or white. The starter kit includes four base colors which allows you to easily blend the colors to create a perfect match for most tiles.

“Other tile repair products on the market do not provide the combination of MagicEzy Tile Fix’s incredible strength proven with a three-year durability guarantee. Tile Fix structurally repairs fine cracks and chips in tiles rather than just cosmetically filling them. Plus, Tile Fix can be blended to match most household colors which makes it handy for all types of household surfaces. All these benefits built into one great product.” – Warwick Lindsay – MagicEzy CEO

MagicEzy Tile Fix comes in a self-standing clamshell package which can also be hung depending on your stores requirements. The Tile Fix Starter Kit includes 4 x 11ml tubes each with a custom designed end for applying and levelling the product. MagicEzy Tile Fix is also available in individual 11ml tubes with single colors including black and white for simple repairs.

The MagicEzy range also includes 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix which are designed specifically for fixing and coloring chips, nicks, gouges and cracks on fiberglass at a cosmetic and structural level, as well as Mega Fusion which is a primer for aluminum and plastic which are all fully compatible to be used with MagicEzy Tile Fix.
“MagicEzy Tile Fix’s strength is because we develop tough durable coatings as has been proven by 9 Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix, and Mega Fusion which are the first ever DIY repair systems for Gelcoat and Fiberglass that carry a 3 year Guarantee.”
– Warwick Lindsay – MagicEzy CEO

The inspiration and technical knowledge for MagicEzy came from Mr Lindsay’s 30 years in the auto paint touch up industry where he built a previous company to 400 technicians around Australia. In 1996 he found that car paint was unsuitable for doing touch-ups because it was designed to be sprayed, so he developed a touch-up coating with a higher fill rate so the repairs stayed in place and looked great.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Warwick Lindsay at 07 5456 4110 or email at info@magicezy.com