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Introducing MagicEzy UV Shield

The first ever ‘SLICK NON-SLICK’ protective coating for clear plastics and glass

New MagicEzy UV Shield cleans and protects hard and flexible clear acrylic, polycarbonate or glass windows/hatch covers and vinyls and even the fabric seam stitches on vinyl and canvas Biminis or dodgers – guaranteed durability for up to three months.

Magiezy’s innovative range of DIY products first came to market in 2012. Created in the Australian production facility, MagiecEzy is now distributed to boat owners around the world.

UV Shield’s water-based, nano-polymer formula provides safe, long-lasting UV protection that flexes with the movement of clear acrylic, vinyl and canvas on board. It features:

  • SLICK NON-STICK advanced water beading technology not only repels rain, but releases sand, salt and dust naturally to keep clear surfaces clear.
  • Improves the clarity of minor scratches in clear acrylics for clearer vision.
  • 3 months UV Protection.

For best results UV Shield is to be applied to new or near new surfaces to help maintain their appearance. MagicEzy UV Shield is safe on all marine soft plastics, vinyl’s, stitching and glass.

“Other products on the market do not provide the combination of MagicEzy UV Shield’s toughness proven with a 3-month guarantee Plus the ‘Slick-Non-Stick’ barrier repels rain, grit and salt, while the thick shield also improves clarity AND improves micro scratches. All these benefits built into one great product.”
– Warwick Lindsay – MagicEzy CEO

MagicEzy UV Shield comes in a 150ml/5 fl oz spray bottle which with a free purpose-made application glove to makes it easy-to-use even on difficult to reach locations on your boat. Each bottle will protect over 1000 sq feet / OR 100 sq meters.

The MagicEzy range also includes 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix which are designed specifically for fixing and coloring chips, nicks, gouges and cracks on fibreglass at a cosmetic and structural level, as well as Mega Fusion which is a primer for aluminium and plastic.

“MagicEzy’s UV Shield’s strength is because we develop tough durable coatings as has been proven by 9 Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix, and Mega Fusion which are the first ever DIY repair systems for Gelcoat and Fibreglass that carry a 3 year Guarantee.   Again with UV shield we use Nano Technology to create unbelievably strong protection that makes boats owners lives more fun and saves them dollars” – Warwick Lindsay – MagicEzy CEO

The inspiration and technical knowledge for MagicEzy came from Mr Lindsay’s 30 years in the auto paint touch up industry where he built a previous company to 400 technicians around Australia. In 1996 he found that car paint was unsuitable for doing touch-ups because it was designed to be sprayed, so he developed a touch-up coating with a higher fill rate so the repairs stayed in place and looked great.

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