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Most boat owners who have ever tried to repair fiberglass on their boat will know that color-matching is a major challenge.

When performing touch-ups on fiberglass boats, many people believe that they need to have the perfect color tone.

Well, good news for DIY repairers – this isn’t the case. The repair doesn’t need to be matched perfectly if you carry out the repair in a certain way.

Achieving a technically precise color match is almost impossible unless you have many years of color matching experience. Even if you are using factory-matched gelcoat.

So in order to achieve a great looking touch up to your fiberglass boat, you don’t need a technically precise color match and here’s why …

How level the surface is, has a direct impact on the color’s appearance – not the color itself. You can achieve a color match that is two or three shades in color variance and it won’t be noticeable on a large surface of a boat.

Then there’s another consideration …

You could go out and buy the precise factory matched shade of gelcoat. There’s a very good chance though, that it still won’t be a perfect color match.
So what do you do?

4 factors that affect color matching

The precise color of the boat depends on a number of factors including:

  1. What time of day it was applied
  2. The temperature it was applied at
  3. The batch of gelcoat used to apply it as each batch differs slightly
  4. The age of your boat. As boats age, the gelcoat fades so even when they purchase pots of color-matched gelcoat the color-match isn’t perfect.

The Solution?

The MagicEzy surface repair system has been designed to help you achieve a great looking repair without the need to precisely match the color.

Estimate the closest shade of your boat color from our color chart. If a more precise match is required, you can mix two colors together to form a new color. Mix on a clear plastic wrap on top of the surface and match to the color of your boat.

MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is the same color wet or dry, which makes it easier to visually match colors.

Another great thing about MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is that it won’t dry immediately so you have time to work with it to get the best possible result.

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