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Gelcoat Repair Kit To Keep Your Boat Looking Like New

Boats are expensive. Maintaining them can also cost you a lot. That is why boat owners do their best to take good care of their investment. But damages on boats are unavoidable. Boat’s plastics, vinyls, and glass parts can deteriorate over time especially if not maintained properly. 

So how do you protect your boat’s plastics, vinyls, and glass from deterioration? How do you properly maintain a boat?

No need to worry. Because there is now an easy and affordable way to do this using the MagicEzy UV Shield

The MagicEzy UV Shield is an amazing gelcoat repair solution that will not only help you repair damages but is also a good maintenance cleaner that will help you protect the look of your boat. 

It provides a combination of a single step cleaner, our ‘SLICK NON-STICK’ and thick UV protective coating to help keep your boat looking ship shape!


Steps in using the MagicEzy UV Shield as a gelcoat repair

MagicEzy UV Shield is an easy to use gelcoat repair solution. Here is the step-by-step guide in using it. 

1. Shake the bottle for a second. 

2. Spray on and allow to semi-dry. 

3. Spread the MagicEzy UV Shield USING the BLUE side with our custom made glove applicator. 

4. Once nearly dry, turn over the glove to BLACK side for final finishing.

 To improve deeper scratches or add extra thick protection, simply wait 2 days for the UV Shield to fully harden and apply a second coat. 

Each bottle will protect over 1000 square feet of surface OR 100 square metres.

Benefits of using the MagicEzy UV Shield

  • It is slick and non-stick
  • It has advanced water beading technology that not only repels rain, but releases sand, salt and dust naturally to keep clear surfaces clear.
  • It also improves the clarity of minor scratches in clear acrylics for clearer vision.
  • It provides three months of UV Protection. 
  • It is safe on all soft plastics, vinyls, and glass. 

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