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  • Exporter Magazine – published by Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX)
  • Sunshine Coast: 1st November, 2013

The headaches that boat owners face doing gel coat and fiberglass repairs are set to be a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary, range of surface repair products soon to be released by Australian manufacturer, MagicEzy.

Boat owners find that performing DIY repairs is time consuming and messy. It’s potentially hazardous to the health. It also involves extensive sanding and prepwork. Then there are the difficulties faced with gel coat color-matching.

MagicEzy has made the lives of boat owners that much easier by introducing a range of water-soluble, all-in-one, industrial strength fillers that fix, bond, and color various types of damage in one application.

Professional looking repairs to chips, gouges, scratches, cracks, and even hairline cracks can now be performed fast, even by a complete novice.

There is no sanding or polishing prepwork required, nor is there any messy mixing of two-part solutions. All repairs dry to a smooth, glass-like finish so no post-repair sanding or finishing is needed.

MagicEzy products include 9 Second Chip Fix, 9 Second Scratch Fix, Hairline Fix, and Mega Fusion and can be used on fiberglass, wood, ceramics, plastic, glass and masonry. 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix are available in 11 colors.

All products come in pocket-size .45 fl oz tubes which make it easy for people to perform repairs from home or when they’re out on the water.

What’s more, to make it easy to achieve a smooth finish, MagicEzy has developed a ‘patent pending’, levelling device built into the end of each tube making it easy to perform a single-handed repair.

The technology behind MagicEzy products stems from the CEO, Warwick David Lindsay’s 30 year experience in the auto touch up paint industry where he was a pioneer in the development of auto paint chip repair systems. He built his previous company to 400 owner-operator technicians around Australia.

MagicEzy has enlisted the expertise of one of the world’s leading chemists in the paint industry to refine their nano-technology-based formula to produce a range of pre-colored proprietary fillers with structural grade adhesion and industry-leading fill rates.

Field testing has been conducted with professional repairers to ensure products meet their exacting standards. What’s more, all products come with a 100% money back guarantee.

For more information about MagicEzy products visit www.MagicEzy.com