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A guide to DIY boat Winterization

As the sun sets on another boating season, it is time to think about preparing your boat for her time out of the water during the cooler months.  Boat Winterization is not the most enjoyable task, however it is a necessity that could save you thousands in repairs if...

How to repair gelcoat chips, scrapes & gouges yourself

If you notice any chips, scrapes or gouges in the gelcoat exterior of your boat, it is important to fix the damage asap, especially if the damage exposes the fiberglass matting underneath. This sort of damage can allow moisture to penetrate into the boat’s layup and...
Sport Fishing Magazine – New Boats & Gear Feature

Sport Fishing Magazine – New Boats & Gear Feature

MagicEzy has been featured in the January 2015 edition of Sport Fishing Magazine (USA). Click the link below to read more: http://www.sportfishingmag.com/gallery/fishing-boats/2015/01/new-boats-and-gear?image=276215    

Repairing Hairline Cracks

Ever wondered what causes those annoying fine cracks in gelcoat? And more importantly how do you make them go away? Read on to find out about an easy solution to this age old problem. What causes gelcoat cracks? Hairline cracks, stress cracks or spider cracks (star...