Why So Revolutionary [HF]


Why So Revolutionary?

 1.   Fast, one part repair

Repairing gelcoat crazing and hairline cracks is normally a major hassle. A ton of prepwork. Sanding. Grinding out the damage. And that’s even before you begin the repair.

With MagicEzy Hairline Fix there’s no need to go through all that prepwork heartache – all you need to do is to clean the surface then apply the sealant.

Better still, there’s no messy mixing and no catalyst is needed.

2. Color-matched to your boat color

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is pre-colored to most popular boat colors which enables you to produce a virtually invisible, professional repair.

3. Structural grade adhesion 

Unlike conventional sealants, MagicEzy Hairline Fix has ultra strong adhesion properties which means it fuses both sides of the crack together so strongly it’s like the surfaces have been welded together.

The result?

A strong, long-lasting repair that helps prevent further cracks from re-appearing.

4. Deep penetration power

The strong adhesion of MagicEzy Hairline Fix combined with the low viscosity solution enables it to penetrate deeply throughout the entire hairline crack and not only seal it, but also strongly bond the surfaces together.

It then cures with a strong, hard finish yet at the same time, it can be sanded, drilled, and tapped if required.

5.  Highly flexible so repairs hold

Many epoxies are rigid which means they won’t flex when your boat flexes in the water. That’s why so many repairs fall out and cracks continue to grow.

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is different. It’s highly flexible which means it absorbs movement and therefore helps ensure repairs stay intact.