MagicEzy History

1990CEO Warwick D. Lindsay started an auto paint touch-up business (later became Duco Magic).
20011st touch up product released in the auto industry
20032nd touch-up product released
2003Warwick D. Lindsay, developed a system for performing touch-ups without the use of brushes.
2007A new chemist joined his crew and another new more revolutionary product was released, again requiring no brush.
2008Warwick Lindsay sold Duco Magic, having trained over 400 technicians using his technology.
2008In 2008 Du Magic was established with the view of developing a retail product.
2010More field research produced another product with more colors plus greater ease of use.
2013One of the world’s most respected paint chemists joins the Du Magic team and developed a world-first formula incorporating the latest nano-technology
2013Du Magic rebranded and MagicEzy Pty Ltd was born
2013Patents registered in Australia
2013Released 9 Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix and MegaFusion.