Success Stories

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[info_box title=”Craig K, owner of MALUKA from HMBYC, Sydney”] “Easy to use and it works”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Ray H, Adelaide, South Australia”] “When people see how easy it is to use, they will buy it. There is no waste”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Peter C, Sydney, New South Wales”] “It’s great! A revolution and so easy. Everyone that uses it, loves it”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Ron J, Seaforth, New South Wales”] “Easy to use and a good idea to have an applicator built into tube”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Allan P, Mandurah, Western Australia”] “Very quick and easy product to use”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Scott M, Forster, New South Wales”] “MagicEzy is an essential part of any sailor’s regatta tool kit. Quick and easy to apply, MagicEzy quickly fixes those bangs and scrapes and gets you back out on the water and competing in time for the next race. I found the YouTube videos informative and give you a clear understanding of appropriate application techniques”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Bill R, Brisbane”] “Easy to use, convenient and good self levelling properties”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Brian W, Gold Coast, Queensland”] “Simplicity of the product, no mess, no fuss plus great results”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Peter T, Blairgowrie, Victoria”] “This product is a game changer for the professional and amateur fiberglass repairer”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Martin V, Churchill, Victoria”] “Easy product to use”
[/info_box] [info_box title=”Tony P, Hobart”] “Products are good – the provision of a colour matching card and mixing recommendations would assist”